Sales Hiring Process

Below are links to several forms that you can use to improve your Sales Hiring Process immediately. While there are more forms to the process and those forms can be linked together to automate your interviewing, you can also use what is already here. If you’d like to get hard copies, have questions, or want to make some changes, please reach out and we will be happy to help.


Application Form

An Application should be difficult enough to avoid the tire kickers, but still encouraging to the applicants who fit your profile. Below is a sample application for your use and review

Phone Screen Form

The phone screen is the easiest time to collect “structured” data allowing you to evaluate each applicant according to the profile and eliminating as much bias as possible but using a common set of questions and answers.

Interview Questions

We recommend two interviewers per session with typically 3 sessions of 45 minutes. Each interviewer scores the applicant according the grading system and they work together to ask the questions and record their thoughts.