Simplify, track, and organize your hiring process

The Predictably software platform will automate everything from application to the final decision.

Identify the process

Your application and evaluation forms along with the reviewers for each step are set up in the system. Each step of the interview process is graded, scored and measured for the best possible hiring outcomes.

Run the system

Application and Review forms are made available to the right people at the right time. Each participant runs their part of the interview, records their scores, and gets back to their other responsibilities

Measure and analyze the Scorecards

As applicants move through the improved process, they are consistently evaluated against the requirements of the position and scored relative to the other applicants. Interviewer scores can also be tracked to understand who the most effective hiring decision managers are, what the most effective questions are and how to continually improve the process.

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Whether you are hiring 1 or 100, you will find the offerings priced to offer immediate ROI, faster hiring, and expedited onboarding.

When you hire the right candidates everything falls into place.

  • Faster onboarding
  • Faster quota attainment
  • Less management time¬†