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Get better hires instantly.

SDR Hiring

SDR's have the highest turnover and can be the most difficult to evaluate using standard interview and screening techniques.

AE / AM Hiring

This group has a 50% failure rate but it takes 12 months to learn if they are filling the pipeline or destroying it. Predict future success easily.

Sales Leadership Hiring

Sales Leaders have an average tenure of 16 months and that number declines every year. this 6 figure investment is too important to get wrong again.

Customize the process to fit your unique needs

Let us walk you through how to make the process yours, or ask us to do it on your behalf

Add Assessments

An assessment is twice as likely to predict success as an interview. We select criteria and apply testing at the right point in the process

Change Questions

Each business has unique requirements. We have developed over 750 questions for different industries and job requirements.

Add Roleplays

A Roleplay doubles the effectiveness of the interview process. Add a customized roleplay to your hiring for significant predictablility.

Change Scoring

Adjust the scoring process to add weight to the right questions and behaviors

Moderate the Decision

The final candidate selection is steeped in bias and bad decision making. We keep the process on track and help you effectively choose the right people.

Change the Process

Change the order, add custom sections, and make the process fit your exact needs